Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Water Walker (The Outlaw Chronicles #2)

Water Walker (The Outlaw Chronicles #2)
Water Walker (The Outlaw Chronicles #2) by Ted Dekker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice Ringwald only has six months’ worth of memories and she is trying to build a new life with the family who has recently adopted her. After she is kidnapped, she learns that her mother is not dead and that she had been searching for her for thirteen years. Alice doesn’t know who to trust and can’t figure out a way to escape. The FBI was called into the search at the beginning, but even after a frantic hunt the kidnapper vanishes. Will Alice be found alive or at all? Why is she so special?

Water Walker is the second book in the Outlaw Chronicles. This book is more of a companion novel and does not require the reader to have read the first book to enjoy it. Dekker takes this modern parable and makes the reader ponder what it takes for true forgiveness and reminds everyone how easy it is to have trust abused by those close to us. Readers who have started with this novel will want to pick up Dekker’s other books and even experienced Dekker fans will be waiting for the next book, Hacker, due out in June 2014.

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