Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: Dead Strange: The Bizarre Truths Behind 50 Unexplained Mysteries

Dead Strange: The Bizarre Truths Behind 50 Unexplained Mysteries
Dead Strange: The Bizarre Truths Behind 50 Unexplained Mysteries by Matt Lamy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are a reader who is interested in the supernatural, mysteries and weird facts, then “Dead Strange” may be the next book for you. Matt Lamy explores 50 world-famous stories and brings together current and past information into quick snippets of reading. The items selected run the gambit from superstition, religion, mythology, folklore and science. Lamy consistently plays the devil’s advocate to give the reader a well-rounded understanding of each topic. Side bars are included with most mysteries which give additional information to enhance the reader’s knowledge. Many intriguing photos and art work are also included to give supporting evidence for or against the topic presented. This non-fiction book would be great to keep on hand for quick reading without worrying about completing a story.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Ashen Winter (Ashfall #2)

By - Mike Mullin / Published - October 14, 2012

Ashen Winter is the second book of Mike Mullin's Ashfall series. Alex and Darla have decided it was time to leave his uncle's house in order to find his parent's who left to look for him. It is now 10 months since Yellowstone's super-volcano has erupted and North America has been sent into a mini ice-age. Readers of the first book will not be disappointed in this second volume. Ashen Winter will keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what you would do in these situations. Would you be a heroic survivor? Would you be a villainous survivor? Would you be a victim? Goodreads Book Information

Monday, September 3, 2012

Review - The Paladin Prophecy (The Paladin Prophecy #1)


By - Mark Frost / Published - September 25, 2012
Will West hasn't lived in one place longer than 18 months. His family has taught him many rules and insisted that he not draw attention to himself. No athletic or academic achievements are encouraged by his parents. Suddenly, Will's life gets turned upside down. He is chased by a black sedan while running in the morning, a strange car is parked outside of his morning group stop, he is called to the office where he is informed he scored off the charts (a perfect score) on a national exam and he is invited to a private school called The Center. 

Will's mother is not acting like herself and she has an unusual scar on her neck; his father (who was away on a business trip) is sending him text messages, but is also out of contact. After being chased again by additional black sedans Will decides to take The Center up on their full scholarship offer and begins an extraordinary adventure cross country to safety. But is he safe? One of his father's rules is to TRUST NO ONE. He is alone and has to decide what to tell people. He is also discovering powers that were not there a few days before.

"The Paladin Prophecy" is a roller coaster adventure that keeps the reader wondering who should be trusted and who should be avoided. As the first book in a series the author ended this portion of the story in a great spot. There are so many unanswered questions that the reader will want to read the next book, but enough issues were resolved that it stands strong on its own. Goodreads Book Information