Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: The Haven

The Haven
The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Haven was established in 2020 to protect Terminals from the Disease. This hospital with its walls and routines shields the children and teens inside from the unknown world outside. Regular tests and daily tonics is all that keeps these children healthy. But they still loose limbs, lungs and other parts and only Shiloh can seem to keep memories. She hides this secret from the doctors and teachers, because she is afraid the Disease may claim her next. When her only friend and a boy named Gideon invite her to help search for a cure, Shiloh must decide will she go against the only routines she has known to possibly leave the Haven and beat the Disease. Is the Haven really a safe place? What are they actually protecting with the walls?

The Haven is a story from the not so distant future where science and medicine continue to be at odds with ethics and morality. Without giving away any secrets about the story it is hard to discuss the true depth of this book. Williams is able to take this currently dicey topic, throw it in the future and bring it to teens and adults in a way that will make readers question their own ideas and values. Since the science and medicine discussed in this book is not too far advanced from current science, it is truly possible to conceive of this story taking place in our lifetime. The Haven is a great science fiction story that will have the reader enjoying a touch of romance, relationship issues and questioning what history has been twisted for the Terminals to study. I highly recommend this book to readers even if science fiction isn’t their usual genre.

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