Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box
The Ghost Box by Catherine Fisher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah’s life has had a lot of changes lately. Her mother has recently gotten married and although she gets along well enough with her step dad, her step brother is another matter altogether. After returning home from her mother’s art exhibit, she is awoken by a tree growing inside her house. Is it real, a dream or magic? Sarah also now has a locked box that needs to be opened. She is having trouble getting it opened, and when an antique dealer offers to buy it in order for it to stay locked, she begins to wonder who she can trust. What is really inside the box? Should it stay locked?

The Ghost Box is a quick supernatural read that grips the reader at the beginning and keeps them for the short sprint that is needed to read this book. For those looking for a short book they can read in one sitting and for those who want to nibble away with small escapes but still finish in a short amount of time, The Ghost Box will fit the bill. Short books such as this are great for readers who have trouble devoting large amounts of time, but feel the need to read something. Fisher has been delighting readers with her many other books and this might just be a jumping off point for reluctant readers to try one of her many other tomes.

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