Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: The Shadow Prince

The Shadow Prince
The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Haden Lord never thought he would be chosen as a Champion, but after the Oracle announced his quest he traveled from the Underrealm into the mortal world. His goal is to convince a girl to willing travel to the Underrealm with him. Unfortunately, he is not able to choose his boon; he must entice a particular girl, Daphne Raines. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Daphne’s rock star father pulls her from her quiet life and enrolls her in Olympus Hills’ music program. Olympus Hills is also the location of Persephone’s Gate and Haden quickly meets Daphne and has no idea how to win her over. Haden and Daphne are both being manipulated by the adults around them and neither truly understands what is at stake. Can Haden convince Daphne to return to the Underrealm with him? Is that what is best for the mortal world? What is it that makes Daphne so special?

The Shadow Prince is the first book in new fantasy series including gods and monsters. Readers of the Percy Jackson series or the Mythos Academy series will be delighted with new characters and additional god drama. This story is action packed and will keep readers wanting the next chapter, but alas readers will discover at the end that they must wait for the next book. Although it is not a cliffhanger in the traditional manner, readers will not get all of their questions answered and will have to add the next book to their TBR list. Despain spends enough time on the back stories of the gods to let the reader understand the current plight without the feeling of reading a second book inside of this one. I will certainly be telling all my fans of Percy Jackson and Gwen Frost about the Into the Dark series for years to come.

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