Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Wilde's Fire


By - Krystal Wade
Published - May 13, 2012

Kate has a best friend that she trusts completely. Even though he is male, her family trusts them enough to sleep together in the same room and even go on a camping trip with just themselves and Kate’s sister. During the camping trip Kate begins seeing a yellow light and has waking visions. She doesn’t think anything about these actions because for the past six years she has had dreams/nightmares about a boy named Arland. After following the yellow light to the nearby swimming hole and deciding to wait until the morning to investigate the waters, her sister wakes and admits that she also saw the yellow light outside the tent. Kate’s world is shaken when all three of them swim into an underwater cave and land in another world. This world has been thrown into darkness and has many prophecies. One prophecy concerns Kate and calls her The Light and says she will fight the darkness and return the world to light. Wildes Fire brings stories of old and new magic together in a tale that weaves romance, valor and vengeance. Although the gods introduced in these worlds have different names, the reader will welcome the familiar tales of greed and violence that have wrecked many human societies. Goodreads Book Information

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