Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: God Save the Queen


By - Kate Locke
Published - July 3, 2012

Queen Victoria is preparing to celebrate her 175th year of reign.  Since the aristocracy mutated during the plague to become vampires, werewolves and goblins, Britain hasn’t been the same.  The aristocracy is protected by half-bloods (children of royal blood and humans).  These half-bloods are stronger and quicker than humans, but don’t have the immortal limitations of daylight or shape shifting.  Xandra is part of the Royal Guard and is thrown into the unbelievable world of the insurrectionists when she discovers that someone has staged a fake suicide for her younger sister.  She no longer knows who to believe.  Her friend and long-term mentor, Churchill, has taught her that goblins are monsters and insurrectionists are traitors.  Yet her sister and mother are trying to convince her that the aristocracy are performing experiments on half-bloods and can’t be trusted.

God Save the Queen is a cross between steampunk and a vampire tale all thrown into a modern England.  The reader will be pulled into the story and history inside while attempting to stay one step ahead of Xandra while she is searching for the answers.  Although the sex scenes are not very graphic, the topics and language throughout make this more appropriate for older teens and adults.  This first book in The Immortal Empire series finishes in a great spot.  The reader will want to read the second book to discover what Xandra will do next. Goodreads Book Information

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