Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: House of Night: Legacy


By - P. C. Cast
Published - July 4, 2012

Zoey has been marked as a vampyre and has moved into the House of Night. This school helps train fledgling vampyres and keeps them safe. Unfortunately, Zoey has been marked in a special way and has shown an affinity with all five elements. Because of an issue at a Dark Daughters ritual, the role of leader for this group was given to Zoey. Zoey is then challenged by Nyx to learn five lessons before becoming the leader of the Dark Daughters. House of Night (graphic novel) delves deeper into the story of Zoey Redbird then what was given in Marked. Whether the reader has read the first book in the series or not, they will enjoy the tangent storyline and graphic representation of these characters.  Goodreads Book Information

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