Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Touched


By - Cyn Balog
Published - August 14, 2012

Would you like to see your future? What if you couldn’t select what you saw, but you saw the “you wills” all of the time? Nick Cross tried to listen to the You Wills in his head. After three months of staying on script he veered off script to keep a girl from being run over. Unfortunately, another girl drowned because of this action. Changing the future doesn’t work.

Because Nick saved Taryn, his entire future is uncertain. He can longer see his graduation let alone next month. When Taryn touches him, the voice in his head stops and he feels normal. Taryn and her grandmother have the Book of Touch and it is the reason Nick is able to see the future. Why did Taryn coming into his life turn his future inside out? Can Nick change the future and protect the people around him?

Touched takes the reader on an exploration of self-discovery. How do our actions affect the rest of our life or the lives around us? Not just the big actions, but the little day to day decisions we make without thinking. What would you do to help those around you and change the future already set in motion? Goodreads Book Information

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