Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Exiled (The Never Chronicles #1)


By - J. R. Wagner
Published - June 5, 2012

In a world where magic is real, but can only be practiced by the Faithful there is a prophecy. The Anointed One will be born to Unfaithfuls and be a powerful sorcerer. It is believed that James is the Anointed One. His family was converted and trained when he was 3 years old and during this training period he was isolated, moved often and had several tutors (each more skilled than the last). Unfortunately, not everyone believes he is the Anointed One and some are jealous of his power. After a witness’s memory is tampered with, James is sentenced to exile in The Never for murder. Upon arriving in The Never, he discovers that the residents (other exiled sorcerers) have been waiting for the person who can crack the magic of the island and help them return to the lives they left behind. Exiled includes intrigue, corruption and stories which twist in and out of each other. This first book in a series is a captivating read that leaves enough unanswered questions that the reader will long for the next book.  Goodreads Book Information

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