Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review: The Reader

The Reader The Reader by Traci Chee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sefia has been on the run with her aunt Nin since her father was killed many years ago. She knows there are people after her (and what she hides in her satchel), but when Nin is kidnapped, Sefia ends up by herself and she must use everything her aunt taught her to discover where she has been taken. She quickly learns that the object she has been hiding is a book. It is extraordinary since the society as a whole is completely illiterate. Sefia must decipher the secrets in the book and accept the help of a mysterious stranger in order to save her aunt and uncover the truth about the day her father was killed.

The Reader is the first book in the Sea of Ink and Gold series. The story moves along nicely and the world building is thorough without being distracting. The many adventures of Sefia and her companions give the reader little nuggets about Sefia and the society around her, yet I kept finding my mind wondering and needing to revisit sections to get back on track. An enjoyable book for those who like to read about alternate worlds that hint at being more.

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