Saturday, September 24, 2016

Review: Every Hidden Thing

Every Hidden Thing Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Samuel Bolt is great with bones. He should be since his father is an archaeologist and has included him on many digs and lectures. Their next task is to go into the Badlands and try and find the skeleton of the largest dinosaur found to date. If they find the “rex,” Samuel’s father will be put in the history books. Unfortunately, Samuel and his father aren’t alone. There is another team lead by Rachel Cartland’s father and they have a bigger team and a larger budget. These two begin as passing acquaintances, but quickly learn that a friendship can reap many benefits. Will either team be able to uncover the location of this massive beast? Will this new friendship survive their controlling fathers?

Ever Hidden Thing is a stand-alone historical fiction tale with just a touch of romance. I found the science of archaeology fascinating, yet it wasn’t overdone and complicated. Even readers who have no interest in science will be able to enjoy this adventure. Oppel has taken real people and weaved a fantastic story that may have happened. I highly recommend this book to just about anyone who wants to escape today’s world into another time.

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