Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Elite

Elite Elite by Mercedes Lackey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joy seems to have adjusted well to her new duties within the Elite; she has even made a few friends. Her uncle has recently given her a covert assignment looking for monsters inside the storm sews that run under Apex Central. She was given this assignment because she has the largest pack of hounds and can fight off more monsters that an average hunter. Unfortunately Joy finds a new type of monster that needs to be fought and a dead Psimon without any apparent injuries. This has made Joy of interest to PsiCorp, and now she has one more thing to look out for. Can Joy uncover the mysteries under the city and keep its residents safe? Will the answers have additional consequences for Apex City?

Elite is the second book in the Hunter series. Joy’s adventures continue quickly and readers should have no issue jumping into this continuation. Inside these pages, readers will find adventure, combat, social intrigue and a little bit of romance. Endorphins are kept high as the pages move along and readers will easily loose themselves in the storyline. Lackey has so many secrets woven inside this world that they obviously could not all be uncovered in this second volume, but that makes it even better since readers will be aching for the third book. Not many second books keep me as excited for a series as this book. A great read, but please read the first book before jumping into this one.

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