Monday, March 7, 2016

Review: Railhead

Railhead Railhead by Philip Reeve
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zen Starling is a thief who is just trying to survive. He has been given an offer of a lifetime with the promise to be able to live the life of luxury for the rest of his life. The job is to steal a box from the Emperor’s train. But the trains on the Great Network are actually gates to other galaxies and the removal of this one box might cause more damage than anyone could have imagined. Can Zen make correct choices when he is not given all of the information? What exactly is the Great Network and why have some lines been abandoned?

Railhead is a stand-alone science fiction novel that will tantalize readers with extreme adventure and constant space travel. The storyline is continually traversing the ancient rail lines that connect the universe and the characters are learning long forgotten truths about humankind and the beings that came before them. The story moves along at lightning speed and readers will want to hold on to their book or device as they zip through space with Zen and his companions. Reeve has wrapped up this story with a definite ending, yet he has created a world where more stories would always be possible.

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