Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Heir to the Sky

Heir to the Sky Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kali is used to limits. The only land she has known is the floating island that protects the inhabitants from the monsters on earth. As the heir to the monarchy, she doesn’t even get to choose who she will marry. After Kali stumbles upon knowledge of a rebellion and a possible alternate history that has been kept from her, she goes to people she trusts, but safety is not found. She falls off the edge of the island, but she doesn’t die. There is a force that slows her decent and now she is on earth and sees first-hand the monsters that inhabit it. Lucky for Kali, she meets a monster-hunter that is willing to help her try and return to her floating kingdom.

Heir to the Sky is a stand-alone fantasy adventure, yet Sun has created a world that readers would welcome additional stories about. There is a dabble of romance weaved into the fabric of the story, but it isn’t enough to turn off most readers. This adventure has a little bit of a mystery that is introduced at the start, and by the time readers reach the end they have discovered the truths alongside Kali. Kali must face the facts placed before her, even if they go against everything she has been taught since a child. This fun read should be added to all adventure and fantasy fans TBR list.

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