Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review: Treasure, Darkly

Treasure, Darkly Treasure, Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Clark Treasure just wanted a little escape when he stole a bottle from the captain visiting his mother. What he thought was absinthe turned out to be a chemical that lets him bring the dead back to life. Now the Army continues to look for him and he really would like to stop running. He decides to hide in plain sight when he approaches the Treasures and claims to be Garth Treasure’s illegitimate child. This wealthy family doesn’t hesitate to welcome Clark into the fold, and Clark takes the opportunity to pay them back by going after Senator Horan, an evil man who uses inventions to keep the power he has achieved.

Treasure, Darkly is the first book in The Treasure Chronicles. This steampunk adventure has many captivating quality including strong male and female characters, a fast paced adventure set in a world similar to our old west and a romance that must be kept hidden from the people around them. I was given an advance copy that still needs some editing, but the little errors were easy to overlook. Unfortunately, I was hung up on one big issue. Clark’s character can raise the dead and he MUST take another life for it to become permanent, but twice I noticed he brought people back and the story doesn’t explain what other life he took in their stead. This inconsistency was niggling at me as I continued to turn the pages. I will be reading the next book soon, and I am hoping that this was intentional and that it will be explained then.

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