Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Game Over

Game Over Game Over by Andrew Klavan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rick has conquered The Realm twice, yet he isn’t finished. He has spent too much time in The Realm, and now he has a permanent connection and moves into and out of this world in his dreams. Kurodar is aware of this connection and is planning to use it in his next big scheme. It looks like the only way Rick will be able to sever this connection is by destroying Kurodar and The Realm. Does he have what it takes to put an end to something that has become part of himself? What will that mean for Mariel?

Game Over is the third book in the Mindwar series. The timeframe for this adventure is short and Klavan has jammed a boatload of action into its pages. Rick is constantly questioning the loyalty of those around him and he isn’t even sure he can trust his own mind. Part of the adventure is reading a scene and trying to determine if Rick is awake or in The Realm. The clues about The Realm are there, but the reader must uncover them along the way. Game Over is a good concluding book that leaves a few openings for another novel or a spin off series.

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