Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review: Finding North

Finding North Finding North by Allyson Gottlieb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kat is trying to adjust to life in the Alliance after her boyfriend, Tyler, is killed during a battle. She is doing what is required and nothing more, until the enemy finds them and her best option is military prison … or so she thinks. Reynan Caverly may be the son of the man who started the civil war, yet he can’t stop himself from helping girls down on their luck. Reynan takes Kat to his Las Vegas home and shows her a lifestyle she could not have imagined. As their time together grows, so do their feelings and the question niggling in the back of everyone’s mind is “what next?” Can Kat adjust to life surrounded by people she was raised to hate? Will the people in Las Vegas be able to look at her without thinking she is the enemy?

Finding North is the first book in the Compass series. Gottlieb has created a pair of characters that readers will quickly latch onto and commit to finding out more. The story is told in alternating voices between Kat and Reynan giving a varied perspective of a continuous experience. Readers will get a book with a little bit of intrigue, action and romance without too much of one genre. Although this may be considered a post-apocalyptic storyline, it is hard to put it in one genre. Finding North is an escape read that will be easily started and finished. Unfortunately, readers may finish it too quickly and wish it were longer or that the next book was already out. There is a novella (Last Christmas) available about Kat and Tyler (and a little about Reynan) should readers need a little bit more.

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