Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: The Edge

The Edge The Edge by Roland Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Peak is trying to behave in the big city and not climb any sky scrapers. He really doesn’t want to break any laws, but the urge to climb is in his blood. After being solicited to join a team of young climbers from around world, Peak and his mother travel to Afghanistan with the hopes of creating a peace inspiring documentary. Unfortunately, peace is hard to come by in a country that has known war for too many years and when their camp is attacked, the guards are killed and his mother is kidnapped, Peak must undertake the task of thwarting the rest of the plan.

The Edge is the second book in the Peak series. Although it has been over eight years since the first book was published, this story picks up a little over a year later. Smith mentions events and people from the first book that may nudge a reader’s memory, yet even those readers who never read the first book can thoroughly enjoy this novel. A fast paced read with a quickly changing storyline that will appeal to male and female readers alike. Even though I have never been climbing, I still felt as if I was alongside Peak on his many adventures and my heart raced with anticipation at each twist and turn. This is a great adventure story that can be easily devoured in a few sittings (or one big one).

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