Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review: Brazen

Brazen Brazen by Christina Farley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jae Hwa Lee had one ultimate goal … defeat the immortals that have been torturing her family for hundreds of years. It definitely was not part of her plan to stay in the Spirit World and be one of their assassins. Her family believes she is dead and her boyfriend is trying to come to terms about her being gone. When the Korean god Kud decides to send Jae after an ancient magical orb, she believes the chance to break free has been given to her. Will she have to work alone or will she be able to convince others in her life that she is on the side of good? As Korea itself hangs in the balance, Jae is learning about the depth of her loyalty to the land.

Brazen is the third book in the Gilded series. The story moves along quickly and readers will easily find themselves turning pages, yet the characters didn’t make me excited about this new adventure. Many sections of the story felt unconnected to the other portions and a clear timeline before the novel was drafted would have been helpful. Overall it was a good book, but usually a third book in a series has more substance and less development. This did not end like a trilogy, so readers will be looking for another novel. This third book came out a year after book two, but Farley’s writing is still at the debut stage. I’m hoping the next book shows some guidance from other writers in her literary team.

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