Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review: Watched

WatchedWatched by C.J. Lyons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jesse has been a cyber-victim. When he was twelve-years-old a hacker started blackmailing him and required him to participate in sexual photos and videos. Jesse is now sixteen-years-old and doesn’t know how to stop the hacker. King’s threats against Jesse’s family are real, and the photos and videos would ruin the rest of his life if they were leaked into the media. As the stakes continue to rise and the next threat is against his little sister’s life, Jesse receives a mysterious manila envelope with a very simple message … I can help. Will Jesse be able to get out from under King’s threats? What sacrifices must he make in order to earn his freedom?

Watched is a book that takes a little known cyber-issue and brings it to the audience that can benefit the most. The issues presented are real, yet the characters have the strength and knowledge to fight back and do everything in their power to survive. Whether or not the reader is able to perform the computer hacking described within the pages, Lyons is able to present them in a format that the reader can follow and understand. For readers looking for a realistic book that pulls no punches, Watched will be a valued addition to their TBR list.

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