Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review: The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling (Faerie Revolutions, #1)The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elora is on a quest. She must take the form of a human girl and find the perfect offering. The human must be a boy that is also a “young leader of men.” This offering is a requirement of the Bright Queen for her assistance against the Dark Queen. Elora believes she has found the boy when she meets Taylor, but then she starts to fall in love and doesn’t want to sacrifice him. Can she pull off this charade and get the assistance she most desperately needs? What personal sacrifices must she make and where will she draw the line?

The Last Changeling is the first book in the Faerie Revolutions series. For a first book there is only a minimum of world building, but quite a few characters to keep straight. Pitcher seems to assume some background knowledge about Faerie’s from the reader, which for me is great, but may lead to a less pleasurable read for some. The storyline includes a few twists and turns, but nothing super surprising. Tough choices are made and many questions are left unanswered for future books to explore. This was a good read, but not a great escape.

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