Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Charming

CharmingCharming by Krystal Wade
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Haley Tremaine had a great life. She went to a prestigious school and her future contained only green lights. After an accident took her mother’s life her father turned to alcohol and the rest of her life just fell apart. They moved out of their exclusive neighborhood and she is now attending the local public school. She is working in the shop where her mother was once the CEO, and now the new CEO’s son is showing interest in her. He has the reputation of being a bad boy, but as Haley gets to know Chris, she begins to wonder if his image is all a put on. The two are inexplicitly pushed together by an unknown person and the end result may be the murder of people they love.

Charming is a stand-alone thriller that is still quick and fun. Readers will be kept guessing until the end, yet the suspense is not daunting. Wade’s writing style creates a book that readers will quickly fall in love with, but since it is not part of a series … satisfaction does not have to wait. A good escape where the readers will continually wonder what they would have done and if they could survive.

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