Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: Witchrise

Witchrise (The Tudor Witch Trilogy, #3)Witchrise by Victoria Lamb
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Meg Lytton is a Tudor witch that has inherited her mother’s magical wand, a magical ring named Invictus and a spellbook. Even as she is trying to discover the extent of her powers, Marcus Dent is haunting her dreams and it seems that he will do anything to take her powers for his own. Meg has made many friends that are willing to help her in the looming battle, yet in the end she may lose the man she is secretly betrothed to. Alejandro has secrets of his own and the twists and turns of fate are constantly mixing up events.

Witchrise is the third book in The Tudor Witch Trilogy. Although the series is called a trilogy, readers will finish this book and be expecting more stories to come. Lamb has created a cast of characters that readers will enjoy exploring and if there are more books I will be adding them to my reading list. Even though I expect there to be more stories in this Tudor world, readers will at least be satisfied with Meg’s romantic attachments. Will Meg choose Alejandro or another suitor? Will Marcus Dent be beaten or will he continue to taunt the Tudor witches? Readers must get to the end of this volume to find out the answers.

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