Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review: Time's Edge

Time's Edge (The CHRONOS Files, #2)Time's Edge by Rysa Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate’s grandfather has evil plans. As a fellow time traveler he is able to move about and rewrite the points in history he would like to change. In order to stop her grandfather, Kate must stay at least one step ahead of him and retrieve the CHRONOS keys before the Cyrists get them. She can’t grab them willy nilly, though. If Saul discovers what she is up too, he can go to a previous point in time and stop her. With the help of Kiernan, a fellow time traveler, she creates a plan and taxes her mind and body beyond the breaking point. Can Kate keep all the timeline’s straight? Can she rebuild the relationship with Trey that only she can remember?

Time’s Edge is the second book in the Chronos Files. Walker periodically references events in the first book to nudge the reader’s memory and these tidbits of information would be enough to help a reader who jumped into this second book without the first. The time traveling creates a read that is full of action and intrigue where the reader must consistently remind themselves that the era is extremely different from the previous point. Even with these constant time shifts, the story is not hard to follow and the reader is easily swept along. Sorry faithful reader … the Chronos Files are far from over and the adventure should only get better.

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