Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows
Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Corey, Holly and Savitri are a trio who would do anything for each other. Corey and Holly are twins that are closer than friends, Holly and Savitri are friends who are as close as sisters, and Corey and Savitri recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Between freerunning through Chicago and planning to get an apartment together during college, this threesome is inseparable. Then a bullet is discharged and Corey is dead. Holly is half a person with her twin suddenly removed from this world and Savitri must cope with her own grief, help keep Holly from embracing insanity and decide what direction she wants the rest of her life to travel toward.

Chasing Shadows spins a tale outside of normal boundaries. The story is told in alternating chapters with a graphic novel twist. Many portions are presented in comic book format that gives additional detail and insight into the thoughts of Holly. Avasthi catches the reader from the start and drags them through a tragic experience that affects both girls in astonishingly different ways. Whether the reader is experienced with graphic novels or is being newly introduced, Chasing Shadows will give enough vivid information without feeling as if it is all pictures. I found myself hoping for a satisfying resolution and feel Avasthi gave this troubling issue the proper exploration and plausible closure. I can’t wait to recommend this book to students in my library.

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