Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: A Beautiful Truth

A Beautiful Truth
A Beautiful Truth by Colin McAdam

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Looee is a chimp who was raise by a couple who were not able to have children of their own. They adapted their family and their home to work with his ever changing needs and he appeared to love them in his own animal way. Other chimpanzees are located at the Girdish Institute where scientific experiments and behavioral studies have occurred for decades. They raise some chimps from birth, but many are rescued from private homes and after a tragic accident, Looee finds himself there.

A Beautiful Truth is told in alternating voices and viewpoints. The reader learns what different humans are thinking and doing; emotions and thoughts from the chimpanzees are found throughout. I wanted to love the book. Eventually, I wanted to like the book. In the end, it was just OK. The story bounced from viewpoint to viewpoint so often that I had trouble determining whose mind I was in. Also, although the stories all take place in the United States, many of the vocabulary and word spelling choices were from McAdam’s Canadian background. Unfortunately, I can only recommend this book to the most dedicated reader. Those individuals who are fascinated with the world of higher level primates will be able to pull pleasure from the larger story, but the actual written book was painful to finish.

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