Thursday, February 21, 2013

THIRSTday: Harmless by Dana Reinhardt

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Water is my beverage of choice on this dry winter morning.  I can't seem to drink enough of the refreshing liquid whether I am at work, working out or at home.  I recently finished reading Harmless and was completely satisfied with this quick read. 

Summary: Three friends (Anna, Emma and Mariah) are out on a Friday night at a party.  Their parents discover that they are not at the movie they were supposed to be at.  What to do?  They tell a little harmless lie.  There was a man.  He had a knife.  He attached us down by the river.  They must stand by this story.  Even when their parents take them to the police station, even when the school has an assembly and even when the town insists that someone be punished.  

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