Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: The Holders

The Holders
The Holders by Julianna Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Becca is seventeen years old and has looked out for her younger brother for his entire ten years. She has always felt responsible for him because their father abandoned them and their mother when Ryland was 2 weeks old. Unfortunately, Ryland has issues; he hears voices in his head. Parents won't let him play with his classmates, social workers and teachers believe he needs mental help and Becca is trying to keep the family together. Then two people come from a private school in Ireland, claim they understand his “problem” and offer to train him to control it. Becca and Ryland travel to St. Brigid's and discover there is a prophecy about Ryland. They also realize that there are other Holders who are expecting great things of him.

The Holders spins supernatural powers, family trust issues and young romance into a quick read. Julianna Scott pulls Gaelic mythology and language into the modern age. Becca is tasked with discovering who she is as well as who she can trust. Why did her father leave them? What is this attraction she feels towards Alex? Is the prophecy true, and does it pertain to them? Although this was a quick and enjoyable read, most of the book is setting up for the rest of the series. I would have rather had a longer book with more story given. I wouldn't call the ending a cliffhanger, just an unsatisfactory ending. I will be looking for the next volume to be released.

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