Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: The Academy Alignment

The Academy Alignment The Academy Alignment by David Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Academy has a tradition of educating the children from the world’s wealthiest families. Beginning this year, they have offered a scholarship to Peter Foster, a townie from down the mountain. Peter does not know what to expect, but when he begins to discover secrets about the disappearance of another student, he can’t help but look into the matter. Unfortunately, everyone is trying to cover up what happened and the forces of Dark and Light are in a constant battle in the world and The Academy. Can Peter overcome the obstacles that are constantly falling in his path? What is he willing to risk in order to bring the truth to light?

The Academy Alignment is the first book in The Academy series. Readers will quickly discover that their heart to pumping hard as the prologue gives quick and brutal glimpses into life and death within The Academy. Davis has created characters that are easy to love, hate and understand. Each chapter is told from multiple points of view so readers can break their reading sessions down into smaller portions if needed. The truth about The Academy is hinted at often and readers will begin to understand the secret, but the true unveiling will not happen until the end of the story. This first book does have a clean ending, yet Davis has set up the storyline to easily move into additional books.

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