Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Dark Metropolis

Dark Metropolis
Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thea’s mother has gone mad. Her mother and father were magically bound when they got married, and now that he is missing and presumed dead, her mother won’t accept that he is gone and she is venturing deeper and deeper into madness. Do to this madness, Thea has started waitressing at a club in order to support them. Her friend, Nan, also works at the Telephone Club until she disappears. A strange patron who is fascinated with Thea offers to assist her in finding Nan and uncovering the city’s secrets. What Thea is unaware of are the secrets that Freddy is keeping from her.

Dark Metropolis is the first book in a new dystopian series. Magic is discouraged and some is even illegal. Society’s answer to most “side effects” of magic is to take away a person’s memories. Is magic really bad, or is society looking for one more thing to control? Can Thea and Freddy uncover the problems or will they be swept into the maelstrom that is brewing? Dolamore does not spend a lot of time on world building, yet readers are able in envision the places that are visited with ease. Dark Metropolis includes enough of a story that readers could easily finish and wait idly for the next part of the series. Thank goodness for no cliffhanger. I seem to have been seeing too many of them lately.

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