Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Expiration Day

Expiration Day
Expiration Day by William Campbell Powell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tania Deeley was raised to know she was special. She was a human child in a world where infertility was the norm and society has embraced androids as child replacements. Although Tania has always known that teknoids were around, she begins to wonder who is human and who is not. Also, is it true that when a teknoid turns eighteen they must be returned to the Oxted Corporation that manufactured them? As she learns truths about herself, her friends and her parents, she begins to look for answers to her questions, even the forbidden ones.

Expiration Day is a science fiction novel that defies the norm. Powell takes our current science and stretches it just enough to still be believable and adds a population crisis to boot. Readers will quickly catch on to the issues being presented, but the truth about Tania is not discovered quickly. Readers will have to reach nearly the end of the book to find out all of the answers and they may still wonder about our world being pushed to this limit. The switching between Tania’s diary and an unknown future being is disconcerting, but the adjustment is quick and I found the story enhanced because of it.

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