Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: Dangerous

Dangerous by Shannon Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maisie Danger Brown wants to leave home for a while. After being home schooled and isolated from most of the world, she applies for a chance to attend astronaut camp. She is unexpectedly accepted and she takes her life on a ride with this chance of a lifetime. See, due to an accident at birth, she does not have a right hand and she is not willing to let that stop her being all she can be. She doesn’t expect to fall in love and she definitely never planned to discover a secret that kills her friends and might kill her. This secret is deeper than originally believed and actions already taken are changing life on Earth already. Is Maisie really the answer to what Earth needs to survive?

Dangerous is an action packed novel stuffed full with so many variables it would be hard to place in one genre. Readers will find science fiction, romance, action and intrigue all rolled into one story. Although the main character is a female, this story will satisfy readers from both genders and multiple age groups. Hale’s character development and world building are seamless and do not distract from the larger story being told. I found myself wondering who Maisie should trust and reevaluating my choices again and again. Whether readers have read other books by Hale or not, they will not go wrong with this reading option. The story does move along quickly and some portions could have been developed to make this a series, but it is nice to find a book that isn’t a series dragging me through multiple reads.

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