Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: And We Stay

And We Stay
And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emily Beam has survived the unimaginable. Her boyfriend, Paul, walked into the school library with a gun and killed himself in front of her. She is angry, grieving in her own way and feels extremely guilty. Her family determines the best course of action is to send her away to a boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts. She quickly discovers that the school is famous for being the home of the poet Emily Dickinson and with the help of two unexpected friends Emily is able to begin healing by writing her own poetry.

And We Stay is told in alternating styles of verse and prose. Although the story jumps in time to give backstory and details as needed, these changes only enhanced the reading experience. Hubbard’s second novel will be quickly consumed by those who wish to read about hard topics such as suicide, teenage pregnancy and societal pressures on today’s teens. This book is a very quick read and does not require a large commitment of time to finish. Because of the mentioned topics and length I highly recommend this book to reluctant readers who wish to read about realistic topics as well as avid readers.

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