Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review: Heartbeat

HeartbeatHeartbeat by Elizabeth Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma’s life is going downhill. Her grades are slipping, she has been shunned by the boy she was crushing on and her mother is being kept alive by machines in order for the baby insider her to continue to grow. Her step father made this decision without consulting her, and now she can’t even grieve like a normal person because her mother looks alive inside the ICU. While sitting inside the ICU waiting room, Emma meets Caleb Harrison, the school’s bad-boy, who is completing his community service by delivering magazines around the hospital. They discover they are both battling a family in grief and the bond formed between them encourages their hearts to heal.

Heartbeat takes a very rare situation and brings in a heartbreaking storyline that many readers will be pulled into. Most readers will have experienced the loss of loved one on some level, but the ache portrayed through this story is unique and intriguing. Would the mother really want to be kept alive for the baby to have a chance? Readers will never know, but the characters delve into the emotional and ethical dilemma created by this ability of modern medicine. Scott’s writing is once again great and those who picked up this book because of other books they have read by her will not be disappointed. Even readers who never experience what Emma and Caleb have experienced will find comfort and enjoyment from the truths presented. If readers are looking for a realistic romance novel with a deeper story, this is a great book to choose.

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