Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: In the Blood

In the Blood
In the Blood by Lisa Unger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lana Granger has many secrets. The number of lies she has told over the years has defined who she is in many ways. She is about to finish college and her trust fund is running dry. She is being encouraged to take on a job, and her professor mentor suggests babysitting a troubled boy. Luke has been expelled from schools all across the country and is used to controlling the people around him. Has he met his match? Has Lana? Lana’s best friend, Beck, has disappeared after they had a fight. Unfortunately, this is not the first friend that disappeared and the last one was found dead latter on. Is Lana hiding information about that night? What other secrets will be uncovered?

In the Blood is a book that weaves together several murder mysteries and hereditary psychological disorders. Unger’s tale takes some adjusting to since each chapter is telling a different part of the story from various characters and various time periods, but when the reader unravels the threads and begins to put together the strands to connect them, they will be shocked at the revelations. This was my first book written by Unger and I will be looking for future and past books to devour.

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