Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Little Red Lies

Little Red Lies
Little Red Lies by Julie Johnston

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rachel is trying to define herself outside of her family. She joins the drama club to explore her creative side and begins to wear a lipstick called “Little Red Lies” to express herself with her appearance. Her brother has recently returned from war, and his withdrawal from those around him becomes more apparent as he is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Rachel’s life is further stretched when her mother unexpectedly announces that she is pregnant and a teacher offers friendship that hints at becoming more.

Little Red Lies explores the lies that we tell ourselves and others when all we want is to please those around us. Many people have trouble telling others no and they don’t want to disappoint those around them. During a time when secrets were kept at home and even then some things were not talked about, Johnston delves into the thoughts and fears of an impressionable young lady and helps the reader question their own conscious. How would you react to family members suffering from depression? Would you ask questions when you know friends and family are keeping secrets? Little Red Lies is not a page turner and will not be a perfect read for everyone, but for those readers who want a realistic fiction book; this will be a satisfying option.

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