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Review: Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster
Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You may already know the story, but every story has two sides. Travis Maddox is a lover and a fighter. Being the youngest of 5 boys taught him how to be tough and fierce. This also means he was raised by his father and older brothers without any female influence. When his mother was on her deathbed he promised her that he wouldn't settle for just any girl and that he wouldn't stop fighting for her after he found her.

Travis has found his pigeon. A girl who only worries about her own business and doesn't want to pull everyone else down because of her own needs and habits. Pigeon, or Abby Abernathy to everyone else on campus, has crashed into his life and wants nothing more than to just be friends. After she loses a bet with Travis she must live in his apartment for 30 days. Tempers flare, emotions soar and hearts are stretched to their limits.

Readers of Beautiful Disaster have already experienced this story though Abby's eyes, but whether you are starting with this book or reading it after the first readers will not be disappointed. Jamie McGuire does a wonderful job with this parallel story line while pulling in facts that only Travis knew about and subsequently were not in the first book. I found myself anticipating certain parts of the story as I remembered how the story went, but I was still surprised at times because it is a new view and more nuggets of the story were revealed. Although the reader can read this book without reading the first, I can't say whether or not the first book would have been enjoyable if I read it second. The best part of the entire book is the epilogue, but don't read it first! If any of my readers read these books out of sequence, feel free to comment and let me know.

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