Friday, April 12, 2013

Digital Magazines Available From LCPL

As many of you are aware, I have several things that my OCDness becomes apparent with. Obviously, books and reading materials tops my list.  Last night I was on the LCPL website checking to see if my requested book had arrived from another branch.  What did I discover on their home page?  A new digital service - Magazines!

The Lake County Public Library now offers digital magazines for their patrons.  All that is needed is your LCPL card number and then the creation of an account.  If you don't live in the LCPL district, you may be eligible for an educator library card because of your job.  

Only the current issues are available for reading.  Patrons can not archive magazines for later reading, but you do have access to the magazine until the newest version is released.  There doesn't appear to be a limit to how many different magazines you can check out at once.  I checked out 3 fitness magazines, a gluten free cooking magazine and an iPhone/iPad magazine all at the same time.

These magazines can be read on any web enabled device (computer, laptop, phone or tablet) and they can be downloaded into the Zinio App for offline reading.  Sooooo ... since it is School Library Month and next week is National Library Week, I want to encourage everyone to visit their library and read.  Magazine reading IS reading, you are not limited to just books!  If you are interested in seeing what magazines are available, stop by and see me.  I can log in and show you the 150+ magazines they offer.

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