Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon by Marilee Brothers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The summer solstice is in two weeks and the Trimarks are planning to invade our world. The only thing that can stop them (according to the prophecy) is two girls and one moonstone. Allie Emerson is one girl and she definitely has the moonstone. Unfortunately, she thinks Sammie is the other girl, until Sammie disappears into Boundless where Allie must go in order to bring her back. If this doesn’t complicate her world enough, Luminata, the fairy queen, helps Allie in a tough situation then takes the moonstone back to boundless with her. Allie has less than a week until the summer solstice and she has lost her second girl and her moonstone.

Midnight Moon is the fifth book in the Unbidden Magic series. The story jumps right into the continuing struggle between the Star Seekers and the Trimarks with Allie in the middle trying to learn about her own family background. Marilee Brothers did a wonderful job leaving just enough breadcrumbs to jog the reader’s memory without spending endless amounts of time with flashbacks to the previous four books. Midnight Moon will make an excellent end to this series. Most if not all of the reader’s questions are answered and the primary issues throughout the series are given satisfactory resolution. Brothers does add a few unanswered questions during this fifth installment that will leave an opening for continuing the series or starting a spin off series.

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