Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Black Swan Rising

Black Swan Rising
Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New York City during a recession is not the place to be an art dealer or jewelry designer. Garet James has just learned that her father heavily mortgaged their studio and home and the bank is calling in the loan. After meeting with their lawyer and trying to clear her mind with a walk, she becomes lost in a rain shower and takes shelter in a strange antique store. The elderly man behind the counter shows her a sealed silver box and encourages her to take it home and attempt to open it. She is successful, but then strange things happen. She sees moving letters on the box, the papers inside self-destruct and men break into their studio and safe to steal paintings. To make matters worse, her father is shot and the box is taken.

Black Swan Rising brings fairy myths to the modern day with John Dee, Oberon and Puck being just a few names to bounce around. Garet must decide who to trust: John Dee tells her not to trust Oberon, Oberon tells her not to trust Will (a vampire who was in love with her ancestor) and both men tell her not to trust John Dee. Carroll leads the reader through the discovery of the four elements in fairy lore and weaves these powers into a modern tale. Will Garet be able to defeat the supernatural beings who wish to dominate humans and fairies alike? Will New York City be safe again? Black Swan Rising is an exciting read that leaves just enough intrigue to make the reader want to read the next book, “The Watchtower.”

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