Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: Kill All Happies

Kill All Happies Kill All Happies by Rachel Cohn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is the day after graduation and Vic is planning to host the best after graduation party Rancho Soldado has ever experienced. She finally has permission from the selling owner of Happies to have this last hurrah before the buildings are torn down. Vic wants a last good party with her friends and she is hoping this will also be the perfect opportunity to hook up with Jake, her secret crush. The party is a success and everyone is having a good time, but when Happies fans decide they want to join this final celebration, this fun party becomes an uncontrollable monster.

Kill All Happies is a stand-alone novel that takes a while to take off, but eventually will pull readers in. Whether readers are looking forward to their own graduation party or are fondly remembering it, the party vibe is easily relatable. There are some stupid decisions and logical consequences, but Cohn doesn’t present the story as a lesson-to-be-learned tale. A good read, but won’t be added to everyone’s TBR list.

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