Monday, May 2, 2016

Review: The Vanishing Throne

The Vanishing Throne The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aileana awakens in the fae world and discovers that she has been held captive by Lonnrach and tortured for her memories. With the help of a surprising friend, she returns to the human world only to discover that three years have passed and that everywhere she held dear had been destroyed. Some humans did survive and they are now living a shell of a life with the threat of another war looming over their truce. Aileana might be able to save both worlds, but only if she can figure out how to come into her full powers. What will Aileana risk in order to save her people? Will it be enough to save both worlds?

The Vanishing Throne is the second book in The Falconer series. Events begin shortly after the conclusion of the first book, yet May has included memory nudges to remind readers about the earlier trials. Although the book reads quickly, the story is not short and readers will feel satisfaction with the path the characters have taken. This book has a lot to be desired: action, adventure, romance and fae lore are interwoven to make a great second book and continuation of a series.

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