Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: The Secret Side of Empty

The Secret Side of EmptyThe Secret Side of Empty by Maria E. Andreu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

M.T. seems to have it all. She is a straight A student, she has had a best friend since kindergarten and a great looking boy is showing interest in her. But she also has a deep secret … M.T. and her entire family are undocumented immigrants. As her senior year progresses it becomes harder and harder to hide the fact that she has limited choices after high school. Since she doesn’t have a social security number or passport, she does not have a chance to even apply to colleges. M.T.’s life is falling apart and she doesn’t feel like she has anyone she can turn to. What are her options? Will she be able to make the best choice for herself and her family?

The Secret Side of Empty brings the reader into the world of undocumented teen immigrants. Since most undocumented immigrants keep their status hidden, even their closest friends may not know about the issues they are dealing with. Readers who complete this fascinating story will leave with a different view of immigration in the United States and will hopefully realize the plight. A great read that I can’t wait to recommend to students and staff alike.

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