Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review: The Ruby Airship

The Ruby AirshipThe Ruby Airship by Sharon Gosling
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We met Rémy as a master jewel thief, but she has now left the circus and her thieving ways. She wants nothing more than to have a life with detective Thaddeus Rec, but it doesn’t look like he will ever trust her again. Due to events outside of Rémy’s control, she decides to go to France and join up with her old circus and Yannick. Thaddeus trusts Yannick even less than Rémy and sets out on a quest to get her back. He will do anything to reach his goal, even trust an untested airship.

The Ruby Airship is the second book in The Diamond Thief series. Gosling does not spend much time refreshing the reader’s memory about events in the first book, but if readers are like me, they will easily remember what is needed by pushing into the story. The writing encourages the reader to continue on and the different events during the book are weaved around the main characters and do not cause a lot of confusion. This is an action packed adventure that readers can either devour quickly or pace themselves over time. Although I am interested in the next book, this did not end with a strong cliffhanger so readers will feel like they got a good, satisfying ending.

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