Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Blood of My Blood

Blood Of My Blood (Jasper Dent #3)Blood Of My Blood by Barry Lyga
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At the end of Game, our three main characters find themselves in very tough situations. It is now the beginning of Blood of My Blood and all three are in the hospital, thankful to be alive. Jazz will do anything to get out and stop his serial killer father, Billy Dent. His best friend, Howie, almost bled to death in Jazz’s home and his girlfriend, Connie, has recently escaped the clutches of Jazz’s father. As Jazz continues to pursue Billy, he begins to cross lines he never wanted to cross and continues to ask if his genes and upbringing can be overruled by friends and society. Is Jazz destined to become his father? Is his father this infamous Crow King?

Blood of My Blood is the third and final book in the Jasper Dent series. The book picks up just hours after the first book ended and readers will experience the turbulence of a man hunt through the eyes of all participants. All of the events in this book take place in a very short span of time and readers will quickly see their reading time flying away as they turn the pages. Lyga has created characters readers will love completely and those that are easy to hate. Readers must read the first two before picking up this final book.

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