Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review: The Young World

The Young World
The Young World by Chris Weitz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The youth in Washington Square are survivors. A mysterious illness has killed the very young and the adults and only those in the middle age group are alive. They have pulled their resources and expertise to adapt to a world without modern amenities, yet they hope for a cure before they also bite the dust. When one of their group believes he has discovered a clue to the Sickness, they head outside of their secure home and begin an adventure that they hope will save mankind. Unfortunately, not all survivors are friendly and they must cross other people’s territory in order to arrive at their destination.

The Young World is a post-apocalyptic adventure in a time that seems to be bubbling with post-apocalyptic YA stories. Even though this type of story is a current trend, Weitz is able to create a believable world with realistic characters. There was no point in my reading that I felt like saying, “Yeah, right!” What the boys and girls went through would be a possibility in a world gone wild and their responses are completely understandable. This is the first book in a trilogy, yet the main component of the story is wrapped up before the end with a new twist woven in to leave a cliff hanger for the reader. It is not a throw the book across the room cliffhanger, but it is enough of a tease to leave the reader with anticipation.

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