Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Six Months Later

Six Months Later
Six Months Later by Natalie Richards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chloe is an average student. She might do better if she applied herself, but why should she? She is thinking about summer as she falls asleep during study hall, but when she wakes up it is night time and there is snow on the ground. She quickly discovers that she can’t remember anything from the previous six months. If that is not shocking enough, her average student status has been thrown out the window with her awesome SAT scores and she is even being recruited by Ivy League schools. Her dream crush is now her boyfriend, but her BFF won’t talk to her. What has happened to her? Why can’t she remember?

Six Months Later grips the reader from the first nap and pulls them along as they try to discover with Chloe what has happened to her. Although she recently hit her head, that shouldn’t cause this selective amnesia or the drastic turnaround of her academic performance. Richards encourages the reader to explore various scenarios and to question the integrity of the teens and adults in Chloe’s life. Were these changes intentional? If they were, was Chloe or her friends aware of the process? Readers looking for a realistic fiction novel that is a strong stand alone story will enjoy this book.

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