Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: Impostor

Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tessa is human, but she has the ability to take the shape and appearance of anyone she touches. She is a Variant and there are others like her, but with different abilities. She has spent the past 2 years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities and misses the family that wants nothing to do with her. Although she is training with this secret section of the FBI, she still has normal teenage angst. She’s been crushing on another Variant since they met; she is unhappy with her body and wonders if there is more to life than the FEA.

After a serial killer inadvertently leaves a victim alive, Tessa is given her first mission. She will take the shape of Madison (she is expected to die) and be part of the investigation into these murders. It is believed that the murderer is a Variant. Although she is nervous about her first mission, she is excited to have the chance to be a normal teen girl. Can she pass for Madison? Will she be able to complete the mission without forming emotional attachments? Impostor is a murder mystery with a supernatural twist. Winnacker leave clues throughout the story, but the characters and the readers are constantly second guessing who they think the killer is. I enjoyed the teen romance issues sprinkled throughout because it reminds the reader that Tessa is a teen girl first and a Variant second. I will happily be waiting for the next book in the series.

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