Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Dare You To

Dare You To
Dare You To by Katie McGarry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ryan never passes on a dare. His friends love to push the limits on length and scope of these challenges. The current venture is phone numbers. One person decides who the lucky (or unlucky) girl will be. After Ryan unsuccessfully attempts to get Beth’s phone number at a Taco Bell, it looks as if he must admit defeat. None of his usual charms help him in this quest as Beth gets in a car and rides away.

Beth is hard on Ryan because life is hard and she wants to survive. Her mother has a secret and if the truth got out her mom would be sent to jail. Beth will do anything to protect her mother. At first she thinks the only way to shield her is to admit to something that her mother did. What ends up happening is that she has to leave the little family and friends she has and move in with her uncle. If she doesn't, he will tell the police her mother’s secret and then her mom will go to jail.

Dare You To explores the lives of two different teens. Ryan is well off, but his father has his life planned for him. He has no say in what happens after high school. Beth has nothing of material value but has friends that love her and will do anything for her. Both are thrown together against their will. What starts out as a dare quickly moves into friendship and threatens to become so much more. Katie McGarry creates realistic characters with not so unfathomable life issues. Whether you are a teen in the throes of your own life issues or a reader who wants to escape into someone else’s story, Dare You To will be a welcome respite and diversion.

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